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The Cape Elizabeth School Department recognizes that food allergies can pose a significant threat to the health of some students. It is the policy of the Cape Elizabeth Schools to work with students, parents, staff, and medical personnel to minimize risks and provide a safe educational environment for food-allergic students.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school nurse regarding their child's allergies. The child's annual health update should be completed. An allergy plan from the child's healthcare provider should be submitted to the school nurse annually.

As an educational institution, it is the responsibility of the Cape Elizabeth Schools to increase awareness of all students, including:

  1. Their needs;
  2. The dangers they face;
  3. Preventative measures to be taken;
  4. Signs of allergic reactions; and
  5. Medical response should a student have an allergic reaction.

The schools will also solicit voluntary cooperation from parents, students, and staff toward avoiding food-allergic students coming in contact or proximity with foods which cause their particular allergic reactions in school or at school activities. Bans on particular foods, by classroom or whole school, will not be enacted.

School-level guidelines will provide details for the implementation of this policy. These guidelines will be reviewed on an annual basis.


January 11, 2005


April 9, 2024