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Cape Elizabeth School Department facilities are a source of pride for our community. They are a tangible reflection of the commitment of the citizenry to the education of our children. Therefore, the School Board may choose to name all facilities or portions thereof only after careful consideration of the message being sent to the community by the names selected. No school, facility or any part of a school, facility or other school property shall be named or renamed without formal School Board approval.

The School Board shall appoint a committee made up of the Superintendent, two School Board members, a building administrator, a teacher, a parent, and a community member to review the request for naming. The requesting party shall not be a member of the committee. The committee will study the naming proposal and make a recommendation to the School Board.

The Board shall not name, re-name, or change the name of any existing school facility, or part of a facility, for any individual, couple, or family whether living or deceased, unless there is an affirmative vote of the School Board. The School Board reserves the right to decline to accept any donation conditioned on a naming right unacceptable to the school department. Facilities will not be named for persons who are currently employed by the school department or active in its operations or those who currently hold any public office. 

The Board shall make every effort to respect the preference of the committee; however, final decisions on the naming of a school facility, or part of a facility, shall rest entirely with the School Board and, as applicable, Town Council.

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