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The School Board believes that the naming of a new or existing school facility, or part of a facility, is a major responsibility-interested parties shall submit requests to the School Board. The School Board shall appoint a committee made up of the Superintendent, two School Board members, a building administrator, a teacher, a parent, and a community member. The requesting party shall not be a member of the committee. The committee will study the naming proposal and make a recommendation to the School Board.

The board shall not name, re-name, or change the name of any existing school facility, or part of a facility, for any individual, couple, or family whether living or deceased, unless there is universal support for this request. The Board encourages individuals who seek to honor or memorialize an individual, couple, or family to establish a scholarship or endowment fund.

The Board shall make every effort to respect the preference of the committee; however, final decisions on the naming of a school facility, or part of a facility, shall rest entirely with the School Board and, as applicable, Town Council.

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