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DF - Fundraising

It is the intent of the Cape Elizabeth School Board to provide for the basic educational, co-curricular and athletic needs of the students and programs through the normal budgetary process. However, the Board recognizes that certain types of fundraising activities will enhance the relationship between school and community and will contribute to the overall improvement of the school program. Fundraising is the selling of a product, providing a service or activity, or requesting donations. School fundraising directly funds school programs and students.

In order that fundraising not interfere with the academic program and place undue demands on the Cape Elizabeth community, it is the desire of the School Board that fundraising activities be selective, coordinated and purposeful.

Also, the Cape Elizabeth School Board strongly encourages administrators to coordinate meetings of booster organizations to discuss equity and recognition issues related to fundraising efforts as needed.

All schools, school-based organizations and parent/community groups raising monies to benefit the Cape Elizabeth School Department must comply with the established fundraising administrative procedures.

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