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BBAB - Student School Board Representative

The Cape Elizabeth School Board recognizes the impact that its decisions have on the students who attend Cape Elizabeth schools. The School Board also recognizes the value of student voice in the governance of the school department. In order to provide for student input and involvement, the School Board may appoint up to two high school student representatives to the School Board each year. These representatives will serve in a nonvoting capacity. In order to serve as a student representative to the School Board, the student must be enrolled full time at Cape Elizabeth High School.

Student representatives shall serve two consecutive years (defined as two complete school years) starting in the Junior (11th grade) year. The terms shall overlap so that one new representative is appointed each school year. At its discretion, the School Board may, at the recommendation of the selection committee, appoint a student representative to a one year term. Student representatives shall be selected in accordance with procedures approved by the School Board. 

Student representatives will attend business meetings and be invited to workshop and committee meetings. They will be excluded from executive sessions. Student representatives will act as liaisons between the School Board and the student body and shall adhere to the rules for participation established by the School Board.

  • 20-A MRSA ¶ 1001 (1A)

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