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The Board recognizes that Maine law requires each school administrative unit to use multiple assessment methods to measure student achievement of the learning results set forth in 20-A MRSA § 6209 and Department of Education (DOE) rules implementing that section and other curricular requirements established in § 6209 to inform instruction and to ensure that students are making progress toward achieving the learning results set forth in § 6209 and in DOE rules implementing that section, other curricular requirements and the requirements of a common course of study.

Through this policy, the Board adopts and directs the Superintendent/designee to implement and oversee an assessment system for District schools that will accomplish these objectives. The Superintendent shall be responsible for reviewing the assessment system for compliance with applicable statutes and rules and for certifying to the Commissioner that it is in compliance with Maine Department of Education standards.

  • 20-A MRSA § 6202-B, 6209

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  • January 8, 2008
  • January 14, 2014