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The Superintendent, functioning as Board Secretary, shall keep, or cause to be kept, complete records of all regular and special meetings of the board. These minutes shall include:

  1. A record of all actions taken by the Board, with the vote of each member recorded except in cases of unanimous votes;
  2. Resolutions and motions in full. Reports and documents referred to in formal motion need not be attached to the minutes provided that reference is made to where such materials are located;
  3. A record of the disposition of all matters which the Board considered but did not take action; and
  4. The names of the members present and those absent.

Copies of the minutes shall be sent to all Board members. The town manager, building principals, president of the Cape Elizabeth Education Association, student representatives, and the news media shall receive copies of minutes of regular and special meetings of the Board.

The minutes shall become permanent records of the Board, and shall be in the custody of the Superintendent who shall make them available to interested citizens upon request.


  • October 9, 1984


  • December 4, 1991


  • June 1998


  • March 8, 2005
  • April 9, 2013