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The Superintendent shall establish a Dropout Prevention Committee to study the problem of dropouts, truancy, and the need for alternative programs from kindergarten to grade 12, in accordance with the requirements of state law. The Committee shall submit a plan of action to the Board. The Committee will meet at least annually thereafter to review the plan and make recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

Committee Membership

The Dropout Prevention Committee shall be composed of the following members, appointed on an annual basis:

  1. A member of the Board selected by the Board;
  2. A school administrator selected by the Superintendent;
  3. A teacher and a school counselor selected by the Cape Elizabeth Education Association;
  4. A parent selected by the local parent group or by the Board if no such group exists;
  5. A school attendance coordinator selected by the Superintendent;
  6. A high school student selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members;
  7. A dropout selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members; and
  8. A community resident of the district selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members.

The Committee shall select a chair from among its members.

  • 20-A MRSA §§ 5001-A; 5051-A; 5102-5104-A

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