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If a student can meet the graduation requirements of their class in less time than the four-year high school sequence, that student can apply for early graduation. In order to apply for early graduation, the student must do the following early in the fall of the year graduation is requested (or the previous spring):

  1. Write a letter explaining the reasons for requesting early graduation in the year preceding the student’s scheduled graduation. This letter is addressed to the school principal and should include the student's post-graduate plans.
  2. Arrange a meeting to include the student, parents, guidance counselor, principal and any appropriate faculty members.
  3. Complete an Early Graduation Form listing courses and credits needed to graduate. High school and college level courses can be used toward graduation. The plan for fulfilling these requirements will be reviewed. The student's reasons for requesting early graduation will be reviewed.
  4. Upon approval, as early graduates, they will be invited to participate in all senior activities relating to graduation.
  5. The high school administration will extend special types of honors recognition to a student who has exemplified superior academic achievement and has chosen to graduate early from CEHS. This recognition would be separate from the honors recognition extended to senior graduates of the high school at the graduation ceremony.
  6. The class ranking of early graduates will take place at the end of four semesters of high school. Early graduates will be ranked in the class with which they entered high school. These students will be ranked with their own class and not with the senior class. Class ranking of seniors (weighted/unweighted) will take place at the end of six semesters of high school. Therefore, early graduates will not receive a weighted class ranking.
  7. Early graduates may be considered for Book Awards in their third year of high school.


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