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The Board supports the use of community resources, including volunteers, to complement and support instructional programs and extracurricular activities in the school. For the purpose of this policy, a volunteer is a person who provides services, without compensation or benefits of any kind or amount, on an occasional or regular basis in schools or in school activities. All volunteers shall be at least 18 years of age unless their volunteer work is part of a class, is done to fulfill a service learning or community service requirement for graduation, or is done by a recognized student organization. Volunteers work in partnership with, under the supervision of, and at the request of school administrators and staff. 

The purposes of the volunteer program are to: 

  1. Assist teachers in providing more individualized instruction and enrichment opportunities for students; assist staff with school projects; supervise or chaperone student activities; and perform clerical work; 
  2. Build an understanding of and support for school programs among interested citizens; and 
  3. Strengthen school/community relations. 

Prospective volunteers must complete an application form, submit two references and sign a confidentiality agreement. In the interest of protecting the safety of students and staff, background checks will be performed for all prospective volunteers, including those chaperoning students on field trips or school-sponsored excursions. Background checks will be repeated every five years. Applications will be screened and approved by the volunteer coordinator. Information collected during this screening process will be treated as confidential to the extent allowed by law. The Superintendent and school principal are authorized to use their discretion to decline an application or terminate the services of a volunteer if they determine it is in the best interests of the school department. 

The school principal/designee must approve all regular volunteer assignments before volunteers begin work. Staff must have their use of volunteers approved in advance by the building principal. Volunteers will only be assigned to staff who request them. Regular volunteers are those who come in on a frequent basis for a specific purpose. The supervising staff member is responsible for giving volunteers a clear understanding of those duties, procedures, and expectations necessary to perform their assignments. 

All volunteers who are approved to work with students and/or in support of school programs are expected to comply with the following requirements. 

  1. Volunteers shall attend any required volunteer orientation/training sessions provided by the school department. Volunteers shall be made aware of applicable policies, procedures, and rules before they undertake their first assignment through a volunteer orientation, volunteer handbook, or other means. 
  2. Volunteers will work with students under the supervision and direction of authorized school staff in the classroom or in a highly visible and accessible open setting. 3. Volunteers shall perform only such duties and tasks specifically approved and assigned by an administrator or supervising staff member. 
  3. Volunteers must keep all student and staff information strictly confidential. This requirement applies even after a volunteer stops performing services for the schools. Volunteers may not access, review, disclose, or use confidential student or staff information except as allowed by federal or state law or regulations. 
  4. Volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner and comply with all Board policies, school rules, and directions from school personnel when performing their assigned responsibilities. 
  5. In accordance with Maine law, a member of the Board or a member's spouse may not serve as a volunteer when they have primary responsibility for a curricular or extracurricular program or activity and report directly to the Superintendent or a school administrator except when in compliance with Policy BCB. 
  6. Individuals will refrain from taking and/or posting photographs and/or video of students using personal devices while serving in a volunteer capacity. 

The school unit will provide liability insurance protection for volunteers while performing assigned services. 

The Superintendent/designee will be responsible for devising a method for evaluating the effectiveness of the volunteer program on an annual basis. 

The Board will recognize volunteer service on an annual basis. The building principal will be responsible for appropriate school recognition of volunteers. 

20-A MRSA § 1002 

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