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Guidelines for Board and Superintendent Approval of Extended Travel

While the department administration and the School Board recognize the educational value of off-campus experiences, it should not be assumed that making an application for travel approval means the travel will always be approved. The Board and Superintendent expect that any application for extended travel has sound educational justification and meets the high expectations of the department for student safety and financial equity.

Groups are more likely to gain travel approval if:

  1. There is high education value
  2. The cost per student is not excessive
  3. Minimal school time is missed
  4. There are not equivalent opportunities that are closer and less expensive
  5. Safety concerns have been addressed
  6. Adequate insurance is built into the plan
  7. There is a high degree of student and parent support
  8. There is adequate time and methods to earn money for the trip
  9. There is no pressure placed on non-participating students who are members of the group
  10. The group has been reasonable in its previous travel requests (location and cost) and has had success in previous travel (i.e. not problems)

Overnight trips require a separate consent form that is specific to the particular trip. Overnight trip consent forms must include the nature of all of the activities in which the student will participate, signature line(s), emergency contact telephone numbers, any specific medical needs and conditions, and permission to provide emergency medical care. The Field Trip/Medical Permission Slip shall be taken on the trip by the sponsor.

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Reviewed: March 16, 2022 (Policy Committee)