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The administration shall ensure that proper records are kept on all textbooks, materials, supplies and equipment owned by the school system.

Records shall be maintained which indicate the issuance of such items to the various schools, and within the schools, issuance to individual teachers and students.

Schools, staff members and students shall be held responsible for items that have been issued for their use.

All school-owned equipment for extracurricular activities, including uniforms, shall be issued at the beginning of each season and returned at the end of each season, and complete records shall be kept on all such equipment.

Teachers shall, at least once a year, make a careful inspection of textbooks and permanent supplies in use by students. The building principal shall impose fines for damages resulting from carelessness and unwarranted use by students.

-Title 20-A MRSA Sec. 1055


  • October 9, 1984


  • EDB- Maintenance and Control of Materials


  • January 23, 1992
  • May 8, 2007
  • February 11, 2014