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These procedures implement School Board policy GCFB and are designed to establish a thorough, efficient, and nondiscriminatory practice for the recruiting and hiring of the most qualified candidates for administrator positions.

  1. Job Description Development/Review
    1. To ensure that a written role description of the vacant position accurately represents the current functions and needs, the Superintendent/designee (the Board in a Superintendent search) is to:
      1. Conduct a review of (if none exists, develop) the job description, with input from persons affected by the position;
      2. Include the criteria (skills, knowledge, abilities) required to perform the duties/responsibilities of the position; and
      3. List the minimum qualifications (training, education, and experience) for the position.
  2. Recruitment
    1. To attract a strong pool of qualified candidates, the Superintendent/designee is to advertise (except in the circumstances described in K below) by:
      1. Posting notice of the vacancy within the unit;
      2. Placing an advertisement in appropriate print and/or electronic media; and
      3. Identifying and notifying other possible sources of potential candidates, such as professional associations, educational administration programs, and placement offices at colleges and universities in Maine and other states, and the Maine Department of Education.
  3. Screening
    1. To ensure that a fair and efficient screening process will occur, the Superintendent/designee is to:
      1. Ensure that all applications are reviewed by more than one individual, with attention given to an unbiased regard for the criteria and qualifications in the job description;
      2. Appoint a screening committee with representation as deemed appropriate to the particular vacancy;
      3. Provide orientation on confidentiality and equity issues to screeners;
      4. Eliminate all candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications;
      5. Conduct preliminary reference checks, as appropriate;
      6. Select candidates for interview based on the degree to which they meet the criteria and demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and abilities outlined in the job description; and
      7. Notify applicants not selected for an interview.
  4. Interviewing
    1. To ensure that the interview process will be conducted in a legal and proper manner, the Superintendent/designee is to:
      1. Appoint an interview committee (may be the same persons who serve the screening function) with representation as deemed appropriate to the particular vacancy;
      2. Provide orientation on the process including the function and extent of responsibility of the committee, the weighting of criteria, and the nomination/ hiring procedure; and
      3. Conduct training to ensure that committee members are aware of the legal aspects of interviewing, including confidentiality and equity issues.
    2. The interviewing committee is to:
      1. Design interview questions which match the criteria and the duties/responsibilities outlined in the job description; and
      2. Provide equal opportunity for the candidates to respond to the same questions/ interviewers.
  5. Selection
    1. The interview committee is to:
      1. Individually assess the candidates according to their answers to the job description-related questions, rating and/or commenting on each using a specially prepared form corresponding to the questions/criteria; and
      2. Submit to the Superintendent a list of candidates to be considered further for the position.
    2. The Superintendent/designee is to:
      1. Have reference contacts made, as appropriate, to check perceived strengths and weaknesses of the candidates;
      2. Review the material on the finalist candidates to determine whether additional information is needed;
      3. Conduct final interviews of any or all finalists, as deemed necessary;
      4. Select the most qualified candidate who fits the criteria and the duties/ responsibilities outlined in the job description, based on their own professional judgment along with those of the interview committee (or, reject all finalists, reopen the position, and begin the process anew); and
      5. Have any further reference checks made, as appropriate.
  6. Nomination/Employment
    1. The Superintendent is to:
      1. Notify and obtain agreement of the successful candidate, pending Board approval;
      2. Inform the interview committee; and
      3. Nominate and employ the successful candidate in accordance with state law and local policies.
  7. Notification
    1. The Superintendent/designee is to:
      1. Notify the nominee of the Board approval and employ the administrator; and
      2. Notify the other candidates interviewed.
  8. Orientation and Support
    To ensure that the new administrator is provided with the proper information about the system and job expectations, the Superintendent/designee is to provide an orientation that includes expectations of the duties/responsibilities of the position along with the policies and procedures of the local school unit.
  9. Record Keeping
    To ensure that the confidentiality of employee and applicant records are properly maintained, the Superintendent is to provide for the maintenance in secure files of all applications and documentation of the hiring, screening, and interviewing process for a period of three (3) years.
  10. Confidentiality
    To ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout and permanently following the hiring process, the Board, all employees involved, and any other participants are to maintain absolute confidentiality about candidates, including names, in accordance with state law (20-A MRSA § 6101). The Board is to assume responsibility through the Superintendent for providing adequate orientation at appropriate stages of the process, including at the completion.
  11. Hiring of Current Employees
    The school unit may forego one or more of the steps set forth in sections B-E of this procedure and appoint a person who is currently employed by the unit to fill an administrator position only if the Superintendent, after consultation with the School Board, or the Board in a Superintendent search, determines that the following circumstances exist:
      1. The currently employed candidate is exceptionally well qualified for the position; and
      2. The decision to forego all or part of the recruitment and screening process will not detract from the goals of this policy.
      3. The hiring process is in compliance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

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