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The procedure for proposing the adoption, review, revision or deletion of a school board policy shall be:

  1. The Policy Committee is responsible for recommending policy actions to the Board for its consideration, including adopting new policies, revising existing policies, and deleting obsolete policies.
    1. Individual Board members, Board standing or advisory committees, the Superintendent or other interested persons may submit policy suggestions and concerns to the Board Chair, who will forward them to the Policy Committee.
    2. The Policy Committee, with the assistance of the Superintendent/designee, will review and research policy suggestions and prepare draft policies, as appropriate.
    3. The Superintendent/designee shall notify the Cape Elizabeth Education Association (CEAA) of any new, proposed or revised educational policy, and the Superintendent/designee and Policy Committee shall meet and consult with the association upon request.
    4. As appropriate to the particular topic, the Policy Committee may also seek input from other affected persons and/or groups.
  2. Recommended new and revised policies and recommendations for policy deletions shall be placed on the agenda of a regular Board meeting for a first reading. Board members shall receive the policy and the Policy Committee's recommendations in advance of the meeting date.
  3. Any changes agreed upon by the Board during the first reading shall be made by the Policy Committee prior to the second reading.
  4. At a subsequent business meeting of the Board within two business meetings (or a later meeting if so agreed by the Board), the policy shall be placed on the agenda for a second reading and action. Amendments may be made and acted upon. If the policy is not approved by majority vote, the process for that policy is ended unless the Board agrees to table consideration of the policy to a specific date.
  5. Approved policies become effective immediately unless the motion to approve the policy includes a specific implementation date.
  6. Notice of new and revised policies will be provided to affected groups (i.e., school staff, students, parents) through a means determined by the Superintendent.
  7. The Superintendent shall retain copies of all policies deleted from the Board policy manual for future reference.
  8. An up-to-date policy manual shall be maintained in the Superintendent's Office and on the school district's website.
  • 26 MRSA § 965(1)(C)

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