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Recertification Committee Representative

TITLE: Recertification Committee Representative


  • State of Maine professional or educational technician certification
  • At least three (3) years of experience working in the Cape Elizabeth schools
  • Working knowledge of information included in the Cape Elizabeth School Department Recertification Plan
  • Strong organizational, communication, and technology skills

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent


JOB GOAL: To oversee the recertification process for educators employed by the Cape Elizabeth School Department.


  1. Attend monthly Recertification Committee meetings and additional Recertification Committee meetings as scheduled.
  2. Review the recertification process with educators on an annual basis and as needed throughout the year.
  3. Assist educators new to the Cape Elizabeth School Department in retrieving from their prior district evidence of any hours documented toward recertification.
  4. Create Recertification Folders for educators new to the district.
  5. Assist educators in completing the Recertification Documentation Form.
  6. Review and approve Recertification Documentation Forms and update total number of hours within each educator's Recertification Folder (shared via Google Drive).
  7. Inform the Assistant Superintendent of educators eligible to be recommended for renewal.
  8. Inform educators once they can renew their certification online.
  9. Stay current on Maine Department of Education rules and regulations governing recertification.
  10. Annually review the Recertification Plan and make changes as needed, including tutorials for educators.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Academic year with compensation in accordance with the fee structure of the negotiated Cape Elizabeth Education Association agreement.

EVALUATION: The basis of the evaluation will be the extent to which the performance responsibilities of the job are successfully completed and the extent to which yearly job goals are met. The Assistant Superintendent will perform the evaluation.

NOTE: The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present of in the future.

APPROVED: November 9, 2010

REVISED: May 11, 2021