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Head Coach


Job Description

TITLE: Head Coach


  1. Education/Certification: High School diploma, or equivalent.
    1. Hold a valid state of Maine Criminal History Records Check Approval. Maintain M.P.A. Coaches Certification which includes:
      1. Successful completion of UMaine/MCSC Maine Coaching Eligibility Course or it’s equivalent.
      2. Successful completion of Sports First Aid course every three years.
      3. Successful completion of a basic CPR program each year.
    2. Special Knowledge/Skills:
      1. Has the ability to organize, direct, and supervise a total sport program.
      2. Has substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and is willing to examine new theories and procedures important to the field.
      3. Has the ability, desire, and knowledge to be totally conscious of the sensitive nature of adolescent development. It is expected that this role will empower the coach with the ability to provide the student with an atmosphere in which each person is treated with respect and dignity, that opportunity is available to improve skill development, and there is a climate conducive to accumulation of knowledge through a cooperative learning experience. Through his/her/their conduct, the coach will provide the expression of professional attributes, good sportsmanship, and will serve as a positive role model for our students. 
    3. Experience: Has previous experience as an effective coach in the assigned sport.

REPORTS TO: Athletic Administrator and Building Principal


  1. To instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategies, and physical conditioning necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success. 
  2. The success of athletic programs has a strong influence on the community’s image of the entire school system. The public exposure is a considerable responsibility, and community/parent pressure for winning performance is taxing, but must not override the objectives of good sportsmanship and good mental health for student participants. 


  1. Has a thorough knowledge of all the athletic policies approved by the Cape Elizabeth School Committee, and is responsible for their implementation by the entire staff of his/her sport program. 
  2. Conduct themselves in an appropriate professional manner, serving as a role model for the student athletes. 
  3. Has knowledge of the existing systems, state and league regulations, implements the same consistently, and interprets them for his/her staff. 
  4. Understands the proper administrative line of command; refers all request or grievances through proper channels; and is aware of all public/staff/departmental meetings that require his/her attendance. 
  5. All Athletes must have read the rules and regulations and substance abuse sheets. The medical questionnaire and parental permission sheet (2-sided sheet) must be signed and returned to the coach before participation on a team. The original must be returned to the Athletic office. A copy will be kept in your medical kit. 

WORKING CONDITIONS: Mental Demands: problem solving, flexibility, evaluating, organizing, consulting, planning, coordinating, implementing, and presenting Physical Demands: sitting, standing, walking, writing, talking, and demonstrating Environmental Conditions: inside, outside, working with athletes


  1. Assists the Athletic Administrator in scheduling, providing transportation and requirements for tournaments. 
  2. Advises the Athletic Administrator and recommends policy, method, or procedural change. 


  1. Establishes the fundamental philosophy, skills and techniques to be taught by the staff. Designs conferences, clinics, and staff meetings to ensure staff awareness of overall program. 
  2. Trains and informs staff and encourages professional growth through clinic attendance according to local clinic policy. 
  3. Delegates specific duties, supervises implementation, and at season’s end, analyzes staff effectiveness. 
  4. Maintains discipline, adjusts grievances and work to increase morale and cooperation. 
  5. Performs other duties which may be assigned by the Athletic Administrator. 


  1. Is fully responsible for the overall supervision of the program. 
  2. Is in charge of assignments and duties of assistant coaches working in the sport. 
  3. Is responsible for keeping practice periods for the sport within the confines of the time specified by the Athletic Administrator. 
  4. Is responsible for the general upkeep and protection of equipment under his/her jurisdiction. 
  5. Is responsible for a complete inventory of equipment used for the sport. 
  6. Is responsible for submitting a summary of the yearly program with all necessary reports for the end of the season data. 
  7. Is responsible for drafting and submitting a budget for the sport. 
  8. Is responsible to be available to assist in preparing practice and game field/court for practice or games. 
  9. Is responsible for evaluation of all sub-varsity coaches. 


  1. Have a special caring for the students of Cape Elizabeth Schools. 
  2. Provides training rules and other unique regulations of the sport to each athlete who is considered a participant. 
  3. Gives constant attention to a student athlete’s grades and conduct. 
  4. Directs student managers, assistants and statisticians. 

COMPENSATION: As per negotiated CEEA agreement.

SUPERVISES: Assistant coaches, managers, trainers, and players.

EVALUATION: Conducted annually by the Athletic Administrator

School Board Approved: May 9, 2006