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Educational Technology Director


Job Description

TITLE: Director of Educational Technology


  • Master’s degree in educational technology or related field preferred; 
  • Maine Department of Education certification as an assistant building administrator (045) or higher preferred; 
  • Successful experience as a Technology Director or similar position preferred; 
  • Successful experience as a classroom teacher preferred; 
  • Experience in budget development and management; 
  • Knowledge of network design and maintenance, G Suite, PowerSchool, website design; 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; 
  • Demonstrates skills in team management; 
  • Demonstrates positive collaboration with others; 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of current research, theory, and pedagogy as it relates to computer science and digital technology; 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of adaptive technology; 
  • Displays a philosophy that is compatible with that of the school department. 

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools


  • In collaboration with town Technology Director, supervises and evaluates data facilitator(s), network and systems administrator(s), and technology support specialist(s); 
  • Supports school administrators on the supervision/evaluation of the technology integrators and computer science and technology teachers. 

JOB GOAL: To provide leadership, coordination, and innovation in the development and implementation of a comprehensive K-12 technology education program.


  • Educational Leadership 
    • Provides vision and leadership for developing and implementing educational technology initiatives, including through serving as a member of the district administrative team; 
    • Co-chairs the Technology Committee and oversees the development of a long-range technology plan for the use of present and emerging technologies designed to improve the teaching and learning process; 
    • Coordinates development and implementation of district computer science and digital technology curriculum and program in partnership with the Assistant Superintendent. 
    • Provides leadership and serves as a resource for district staff in the area of technology and helps facilitate effective integration of technology in instruction; 
    • Evaluates on an annual basis the overall computer science and digital technology educational program of the district and makes resultant recommendations regarding the program to the Superintendent. 
  • Communications/Community Relations 
    • Interprets the philosophy of educational technology to staff, students, and the community at large; 
    • Reports as requested to the School Board on the status of the technology plan and technology use in the schools; 
    • Acts as the district’s technology liaison with parent groups and statewide technology organizations and initiatives. 
  • Professional Development 
    • Coordinates professional development as it relates to technology in partnership with the Assistant Superintendent; 
    • Oversees the technology-related onboarding and exiting of staff. 
  • Budgeting/Program Funding 
    • Develops and manages the district-wide technology budget; 
    • Researches and develops supplemental funding proposals for the district (e.g., grants, E-rate). 
  • Administration/Organizational Management ○ Oversees the school department’s website; 
    • Coordinates the evaluation, purchase, distribution, and repair of technology equipment and materials in alignment with district goals; 
    • Maintains an inventory of technology equipment and materials for the district; 
    • Ensures school systems and users follow security best-practices and adhere to applicable laws and regulations including FERPA requirements. 
    • In collaboration with the Town Tech Director, develops and implements procedures to safeguard the integrity and security of all district devices including network security, back-up procedures, and maintenance; 
    • In collaboration with the Town Tech Director, oversees the administration of district network services, serves as liaison with contracted maintenance vendors, and coordinates on-site technicians’ work; 
    • Meets regularly with district technology staff. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent. 

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Year-round position with rate of pay and benefits as established by the School Board.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent in accordance with the district’s policy on evaluation.

APPROVED: April 13, 2021