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Extended Learning Opportunities [ELO] Coordinator

TITLE: Extended Learning Opportunities [ELO] Coordinator 


  1. Education/Certification: College degree or equivalent, satisfactory CHRC fingerprinting, criminal records review, and valid Maine teaching certification preferred, but not required. 

  2. Special Knowledge/Skills: Knowledge, understanding and demonstrated aptitude or competence in the following skills: Organizational, communication, computer, public relations, facilitation, record-keeping, and problem-solving. Must demonstrate initiative and be self-motivated, have experience in guiding school age students, regardless of past certification; mentoring/coaching skills; understanding of Maine Guiding Principles, and performance-based assessments and reporting required. Ability to maintain positive relations with students and school staff at all times is a necessity.

  3. Experience: Successful, practical experience, regardless of past certification, and a demonstrated ability to think creatively about how to build on student interests to build innovative, personalized learning opportunities.

REPORTS TO: High School Principal or Assistant Principal if delegated by Principal


  • To identify, recruit, and facilitate linkages between potential ELO participants, and to provide ongoing logistical support to teachers, community partners, and students alike.


The ELO Coordinator will do the following:

  1. As the ELO coordinator, the employee will identify, recruit, and facilitate linkages between potential ELO participants, and provide ongoing logistical support to teachers, community partners, and students alike

  2. Develop and maintain best practices for the development and assessment of ELOs

  3. Sustain and oversee resources, technology, supplies for ELOs

  4. Participate in the creation of, and maintain the ELO budget

  5. Monitor compliance with the district’s policies on ELOs, volunteers, and insurance requirements; ME Department of Labor laws for minors; and the necessary applications and approvals for each

  6. Participate in state-wide conversations and dialogues involving the future development and improvement of the ELO program

  7. Liaison between faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members

  8. Update and maintain public relations with the community via website, local newspapers, etc. as well as maintain an internal promotional notification effort (posters, pamphlets, profiles) that shares with students the ELO opportunities available to them

  9. Interface with key school departments and teams such as curriculum plan teams (CPT) and special education

  10. Provide ELO permissions, documentation, and insurance documents to community partners

  11. Organize, execute, and host public ELO presentation and exhibitions

  12. Aggressively promote, recruit, and monitor creative individual and group ELOs

  13. Promote, recruit, and assist faculty and community partners

  14. Develop plans for ELOs, in collaboration with students, educators, and community partners

  15. Creatively dovetail student needs with community resources

  16. Monitor ongoing ELOs

  17. Provide direct services to ELO students

  18. Coordinate transportation needs for students

  19. Establish ELO evaluation team

  20. Keep and report on grades for students

  21.  Manage and maintain ELO records

  22. Actively and openly celebrate and promote the successes of the ELO program and its participants

  23. Create, manage and appropriately share a database of community, parent, and business participants for CEHS student growth opportunities (job shadowing, internships, mentoring, college and career development, etc.)

  24. Nurture, encourage, and coordinate mentoring opportunities for older students to work with younger students individually and to build mentoring relationships with students in classrooms in the middle and elementary schools and for community adults to develop mentoring relationships with high school students in the Student Driven Learning program and more generally

  25. Plan, organize, guide, mentor, and teach student participants in our Student Driven Learning program.

  26. Communicate with Guidance on a regular basis on ELO tracking and grading

  27. Report ELO statistics to building administration and central office on a semester basis

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary determined by the Superintendent/187 days per year 


Mental Demands: calculating, comparing, problem-solving, evaluating, interpreting, organizing, consulting, analyzing, planning, documenting, specifying, coordinating, implementing, and presenting

Physical Demands: The physical demands listed here are representative of those that are required to successfully perform the essential functions of this job: sitting, walking, climbing stairs, operating computers and other equipment, using tools, and lifting or moving up to 50 pounds.

Environmental Conditions: inside, outside, slippery surfaces, potential minimal biological exposure (human waste, body fluids), working around moving objects, working with students, working with adults, and working alone


EVALUATION: The basis of the evaluation will be the extent to which the performance responsibilities of the job are successfully handled and the extent to which yearly action plans and job goals are met. The High School Principal and/or designee will perform the evaluation.

The Cape Elizabeth School Department expects that all employees will perform assigned duties diligently, professionally and efficiently, and in compliance with all district policies and procedures as well as all federal and state laws.

NOTE: The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

School Board Approved: April 14, 2015

Revised: September 14, 2023