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Cape Elizabeth High School Senior Transition Project Coordinator

TITLE: Cape Elizabeth High School Senior Transition Project Coordinator


  1. Hold a valid state of Maine Criminal History Records Check Approval
  2. CEHS teacher or staff member strongly preferred
  3. An adult with strong organizational and communication skills who has successful experience making links between the community and school. Strong, positive relationships with parents and a network of established contacts with community members who might be open to having seniors work with them in a Senior Transition Project is strongly preferred.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal or Assistant Principal


All seniors as they plan and then implement their Senior Transition Projects.  The Coordinator also supervises the teaching staff who are acting as consultants and advisors to various seniors with respet to the their projects.


JOB GOAL: The goals of the Senior Transition Project are:

  1. To give seniors both the skills that are necessary to develop a Senior Transition Project proposal involving work in the community for 2-3 weeks at the end of the senior's year, 
  2. To provide seniors with significant, real-life work experiences that can help inform their thinking about college and career, 
  3. To give seniors authentic experience speaking to an audience who will hear their report on the Senior Transition Project experience. The particular role of the Project coordinator is to successfully manage the multiple layers of communication between staff and students, students and potential employers, and students and the audience who hear students' reports about their experiences.


  1. To act as ambassadors for the STP with the school's teachers and with parents and potential employers.
  2. To create and update an STP handbook.
  3. To communicate STP guidelines to students.
  4. To work with and guide senior students who may be having difficulty generating project ideas or taking the steps necessary to plan their projects.
  5. To keep thorough and complete records related to the senior project proposals, the teachers who are acting as senior advisors, and the schedule of STP presentations at the end of the project.
  6. To monitor senior performance on Projects and handle difficult issues that might involve:
    1. projects that are not meeting student expectations or
    2. students who are not meeting
  7. To arrange appropriate publicity for the STP so that the public is receiving an impression of the project that reflects the true range of the types of projects and the value of those projects.
  8. To communicate clearly, as necessary, with parents and with other members o the staff (custodians, Community Services, teachers, etc.) concerning issues connected to the STP.
  9. Other duties as assigned by the Principal.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 12 months per year with compensation in accordance with the fee structure of the negotiated Cape Elizabeth Education Association agreement.

EVALUATION: The basis of the evaluation will be the extent which the performance responsibilities of the job are successfully completed and the extent to which yearly job goals are met. The Principal or Assistant Principal will perform the evaluation.

NOTE: The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

APPROVED:   November 9, 2010