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For the purpose of this policy, "school facilities" include school buildings and fixed equipment.

It is the Board's desire that the local taxpayers who provide the school should be able to obtain maximum use of the facilities, to the extent consistent with the primary educational function of the school. It is intended that community uses for educational, recreational, social, civic, and philanthropic and like purposes be approved by the administration, in accordance with this policy, the implementing regulations, and a fee schedule.

The following provisions apply to community use:

  1. A certificate of insurance shall be required as appropriate to the particular use;
  2. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto school property at any time;
  3. Tobacco and other substances/devices are not allowed in school or allowed on school property;
  4. School facilities may not be used for any illegal purposes;
  5. Community adults and children are free to use outdoor grounds and facilities for recreation whenever not otherwise scheduled. However, formal approval of buildings and grounds use will only be granted to recognized organizations and groups;
  6. Any approval of the use of school facilities requires the signing of a Use of Facilities Guidelines & Procedures setting for the conditions of use;
  7. Application for use is to be made through Facilities Office;
  8. Repeat use may be denied to any group which has not demonstrated appropriate conduct and care.

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