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As School Department has a grave responsibilitydefined in the properMaine careSchool ofHealth any student who may become injured or ill while at school or under the direct responsibility of the school. 

At least one staff person qualified inManual, first aid shallis be designated for each school to administer first aid. First aid in-service training will be provided annually for all interested staff.  New staff will be oriented in first aid policies“immediate and procedurestemporary upon employment.

A copy of the Cape Elizabeth Health Procedure and Resource Manual for Faculty and Staff will be available for all staff with copies to be keptcare in each building office, principal's office, and health office.

Latex gloves and band aids will be available in each classroom, with complete first aid supplies in each building health office. All first supplies will be restocked periodically by a designated person (i.e., school nurse).

If a pupil is sent home due to illness, the school nurse or designee shall first determine if a responsible adult is at home to receive the pupil. The parent or other responsible adult will call for the child or shall provide proper supervision in seeing that the child is escorted safely home. In the case of a high school student who may have transportation of their own at school, the call to the parent/guardian will include permission for the student to drive themself home.

In the event of an accident or injury requiringbefore medical care can be obtained.”

The Superintendent/designee shall establish and implement procedures for handling accidents and injuries, which shall make clear the attentionresponsibilities of avarious physician,school thepersonnel. following procedureThey shall be followed.based Determinationupon recommendations in the Maine School Health Manual.  The Superintendent/designee shall bemaintain madea bysystem thefor schoolaccident nurse, principal, or designee as to the severity of the emergency.

  • If life threatening or dangerousreporting and needingfor medicalmaintaining attention,emergency rescue will be calledhealth and thencontact parents/guardiansinformation notifiedon aseach soonstudent. as possible.
  • The
  • IfSuperintendent/designee itshall requiresalso medicaldesignate attentionappropriate parents/guardiansstaff will be called.

Students will be transported via Cape Elizabeth Rescue under the following circumstances:

  • Head Trauma with loss of consciousness
  • Neck/back injury
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Shock
  • Severe external bleeding
  • Blunt traumamembers to abdomen, back or chest
  • Any other extreme circumstance deemed necessary by the school administration

The parent/guardian shall be responsible for anyadministering feesfirst incurredaid inand connectionwill provide these individuals with rescueappropriate

An  accident injury report will be completed and copies sent to the appropriate persons when a injury requires further medical treatment or there is a possibility of school liability.

  • 20-A MRSA § 4009


April 11, 1995


June 1998

Revised: October 10, 2023