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The Board recognizes that many students possess cell phones and other electronic devices. These devices may not be used in any manner that disrupts the instructional process or violates Board policies or school rules.

The Cape Elizabeth School Department shall not be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to cell phones or other electronic devices that students bring with them to school or school activities or use on school transportation.

The following provisions apply to student use of cell phones and other electronic devices.

  1. Teachers and/or building administrators may establish rules regarding students' use of privately-owned electronic devices including, but not limited to, cell phones and other handheld devices, at school or during school activities.
  2. The use of cameras, including camera phones or similar recording devices, is strictly prohibited in locker rooms, bathrooms, and nurses offices. Care should be taken in other locations to respect the privacy of all individuals on our school grounds.
  3. The use of a cell phone or other electronic device in any manner that violates Board policy or school rules is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, cheating, and violations of the student code of conduct. If a Board policy or school rule is violated, the teacher or school administrator may confiscate the device for the remainder of the school day. Student cell phones and other electronic devices may be subject to search if there is a reasonable suspicion of a violation.

Building administrators may develop additional rules to implement this policy. The policy and rules will be communicated to students and parents through the student handbook and/or the student code of conduct.

Cross Reference:

  • JIC - Student Code of Conduct
  • JIH- Questioning and Searches of Students


February 9, 2021