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It will be the responsibility of the principal or the principal’s designee to assign a substitute to fill any vacancy caused by the temporary absence of a regular staff member.

In the filling of these temporary vacancies, an effort shall be made to secure substitutes who have full certification, and at the least, training or expertise at the level or in the subject specialization of the teacher who is absent. Only fully certified substitutes shall be assigned to classes whose regular teachers are on long-term leaves of absence.

Particular care should be taken to choose the best possible candidate with the most appropriate credentials to cover any extended absence of a regular staff member.

Principals shall attempt to maintain as much continuity as possible by engaging one, and only one, substitute for the full period of absence of one teacher, and by calling back a substitute to serve in a classroom in which they have already performed successfully during the same term.

Administrative guidelines will be submitted annually to the school board with regard to rates of pay per day and specific rates for short-term and long-term assignments.


  • October 9, 1984


  • April 14, 1992
  • June 1998
  • December 14, 2004
  • September 10, 2013