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The development, adoption and review of policies that govern the school district is one of the School Board’s most important functions. Board policies establish the goals, direction and structure of the school unit under the authority of state law. In addition to policies required by state and federal laws and regulations, the Board adopts policies to provide direction to the Superintendent and other administrators in the management of the school unit, to guide the education program, and to provide clear expectations for school staff, students and parents.

Board policies are intended to provide the framework for school district operations and the educational system. In general, the operational details as to how policies will be implemented are contained in administrative procedures developed by the administration. However, the Board will adopt administrative procedures concerning its own operations and when the Board decides that an issue is of sufficient legal, educational and community importance to warrant a Board-level procedure.

The Cape Elizabeth School Board considers policy development its most important governance function.

It is the intent of the Board to develop written policies that will serve as the foundation for the successful and efficient operation of Cape Elizabeth School Board and its schools.

The Board accepts the definition of policy set forth by the National School Boards Association:

School Board policies are statements that set forth the purposes and prescribe in general terms the organization and program of a school system. They create a framework within which the Superintendent and the staff can discharge their assigned duties with positive direction. They tell what is wanted. They may also indicate why and how much. Policies should define clearly the goals and objectives of the school system, allow for the flexibility that is vital in day-to-day operations, reflect the Board's vision, define roles and responsibilities (who is supposed to do what), and include measurable outcomes.

The Board's policies are framed and meant to be interpreted in terms of federal laws and regulations, state statutes and the rules of the Maine Department of Education, State Board of Education, and other regulatory agencies at various levels of government. The Board's policies are also intended to reflect the Board's educational philosophy and instructional objectives and practices and procedures that are supported by research and generally accepted by leaders and authorities in the field of public education.

It is the Board's intent that its policies set goals and provide direction and guidance for administrators, staff, and students and serve as sources of information for parents, community members, and others who are interested in or connected with the schools.

The Board regards policy development and review as an ongoing process. The need for a new policy or revision or deletion of an existing policy may arise from a change in law and/or regulations, modification of the school unit's vision or goals, educational research or trends, the occurrence of a significant incident or a recommendation or request from Board  members, school administrators, staff, parents, students, or other interested persons.

Adoption of new or revised policies and repeal of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board. Policies will be adopted, amended, or repealed only by the affirmative vote of a majority of members present and voting.

Policies shall become effective upon Board adoption or at a future date designated by the Board at the time of adoption.

The Superintendent/designee will be responsible for distributing new or revised policies to Board members and for making policies accessible to school personnel, students, and the public.

20-A M.R.S.A. § 1001 (A)

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