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TITLE: Teacher


  1. Maine Department of Education as Teacher and other legal credentials required to be “Highly Qualified” according to State and Federal standards.

  2. Holds degree(s) required in area to be taught.

  3. Hold a valid state of Maine Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) approval.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal and/or Director of Special Services 


A teacher is a trained, certified professional who works to ensure that all of our students develop the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes to become successful individuals and citizens. A teacher has the knowledge and skills needed to prepare effectively for instruction and other student services, deliver appropriate instruction and service to students, evaluate student progress, manage student behaviors with effective classroom strategies, and apply themselves to their own professional growth.


  1. Establishes appropriate instructional goals and related objectives consistent with the system wide curriculum and the Maine Learning Results.

  2. Prepares instructional plans and materials incorporating principles of effective instruction.

  3. Creates, selects, or modifies instructional plans and materials to accommodate learner differences.

  4. Provides a clear description of the learning task and its content.

  5. Monitors student understanding and re-teaches as necessary.

  6. Communicates oral and written information effectively.

  7. Fosters a classroom culture of caring and respect.

  8. Maintains an evaluation program of student work and participation that regularly monitors their progress in an accurate and up-to-date manner.

  9. Maintains official grade reports as prescribed by School Board policy.

  10. Includes a variety of techniques for monitoring student progress in their evaluation program. This will be evidenced by a combination of some or all of the following: written tests, writing assignments, classroom performance, individual projects, oral reports, daily observations - anecdotal records, individual conferences, common assessments, diagnostic testing, standardized testing, portfolios, etc.

  11. Challenges students’ high level of thinking skills as part of the evaluation program.

  12. Assesses whether students have met the articulated learning targets grounded in the district curriculum and Maine Learning Results with an assessment program that is consistent with the district’s comprehensive local assessment system and meets the requirements of validity and reliability to the extent required by Maine law.

  13. Analyzes assessment results to refine curriculum and teaching techniques.

  14. Communicates student progress based on assessment results to parents and students on a regular basis.

  15. Establishes and maintains appropriate learner behavior.

  16. Establishes and maintains a classroom climate conducive to learning.

  17. Makes effective use of available resources.

  18. Improves their own professional skills and knowledge.

  19. Establishes and maintains a professional leadership role in improving education.

  20. Reflects on their own practice for the purpose of improving student learning.

  21. Maintains a satisfactory record of their own attendance in their profession.

  22. Completes assigned tasks on schedule.

  23. Provides clear, detailed plans for substitutes, aides, and other professional or paraprofessional staff.

  24. Arrives on time for class, meetings, and other scheduled activities.

  25. Works and communicates effectively with all staff members.

  26. Adheres to student IEPs.

  27. Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required.

  28. Performs other duties as assigned.


Applicable terms of the Cape Elizabeth Education Association agreement.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the School board policy and/or action on Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff.


The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

School Board Approved:  May 8, 2007