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Because demands on the educational system may exceed available public funding, the Cape Elizabeth School Board recognizesacknowledges that members of the community are often willing to make voluntary contributions that will provide needed additional funds for the school district. The boardBoard therefore approves and encourages the creation of and supportsrecognizes the work of thelocal Capeeducation Elizabethfoundation Educationasseparate Foundation,legal anentities independent educationalof foundationCESD tothat actively raise funds that willto enhance educational opportunities for our students.

The Board desires to work cooperatively with CEEFlocal education foundations, such as Cape Elizabeth Educational Foundation (CEEF), in determining the purposes for which funds may be used to meet the changing needs of the district and its students.

The Board supports foundation allocations that serve all district schools equitably.

The Board may appoint a liaison or representative to the local educational foundaiton if invited to do so.

The Board welcomes and encourages local educational foundations to provide regular reports to the Board concerning their work and to communicate ways that the Board an schools can help support the foundation's activities.

With the approval of the Board and as appropriate, an educational foundation may use the CESD name and/or logo or the name and/or logo of one of the schools.

Acceptance of gifts from educational foundations will be considered in accordance with Board policy.

Cross Reference: KCD - PUblic Gifts/Donations to the Schools


  • December 12, 2006
  • February 13, 2024