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This policy establishes the requirements for student enrollment in post-secondary courses taken before high school graduation.

Eligible Institutions

Students may take courses at eligible post-secondary institutions within Maine, which include the University of Maine System, the Maine Community College System, and Maine Maritime Academy. Students may take courses offered through the DOE Distance Learning Network or the internet if such participation is approved by the post-secondary institution.

Students may be allowed to take courses at private colleges or other institutions, including courses offered through the DOE Distance Learning Network or the internet. Responsibility for all costs associated with any courses taken at private colleges will rest with the student and the student’s parent(s).

Any such requests shall be considered on a case­ by-case basis to the extent that funds are available and the requirements of this policy are met.

Student Eligibility Requirements

A student may take no more than one course per semester and two courses per academic year.

A student must meet the following criteria prior to enrolling in a post-secondary course:

  1. Have a minimum of a B average (or 3.0) in the student’s courses overall, unless the eligible institution has waived the minimum grade/grade point requirement;
  2. Meet the course admission standards of the eligible institution;
  3. Provide evidence of parent/guardian approval for taking the course; and
  4. Receive a recommendation to take a post-secondary course or courses from the school administration or one of the student's secondary school teachers following an assessment of the student by the administration.

A student enrolled in grade 11 or 12 who does not have a B average (or 3.0) in their courses overall is eligible to take a post-secondary course provided that the student:

  1. Has been assessed and received a recommendation to take the course from the school administration or from a secondary school teacher; and
  2. Has been approved for participation in the course by an eligible institution.

Awarding of Credits

The eligible institution shall grant full credit to any student who successfully completes a course.

High school graduation credit for a course taken under this policy shall be awarded as follows:

  1. The course must meet for a minimum of one semester or for an equivalent number of credit hours.
  2. The course must meet any applicable Learning Results standards.
  3. The student must earn a passing grade in the course.
  4. Attendance must satisfy the instructor's requirements.
  5. If the above criteria are met, the student shall receive five (5) high school credits for each 45-credit hour course.
  6. The weight assigned to grades received in post-secondary courses approved pursuant to this policy shall be determined on a case by case basis by the Principal and the Guidance Director depending on the circumstances of the student' s taking the class and the course description and expectations. There shall be no presumption that grades in approved courses shall receive weight simply because they are offered by a post-secondary institution.

Financial Assistance

  1. The Maine Department of Education shall pay applicable tuition costs (up to the limits of legislative appropriation) for any student enrolled in a course under this policy if the eligible institution requires tuition payment.
  2. The student and their parent/guardian are responsible for paying for all textbooks, course fees, and transportation costs.

School District Reporting Requirements

The Superintendent shall make parents and students aware of post-secondary enrollment options through handbooks or other appropriate means.

  • 20-A MRSA § 4771 et seq.
  • Maine Dept. of Ed. Rules Ch. 127


  • September 12, 2005


  • December 11, 2012
  • January 14, 2014