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Recognizing the value of continuous and life-long learning, the School Board places a high priority on the development of its members’ “boardsmanship” skills and on supporting opportunities for in-service education. The purpose of board development is to enhance the quality of education in the school unit and the effectiveness of school unit governance.

Board members need to be well informed and to expand their knowledge of trends and issues affecting education and school governance. In addition, Board members need to develop and reinforce the skills required for effective policy-making, budget planning and communications.

Board members are encouraged to participate in district-sponsored training sessions and/or workshops and in school board or related conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions sponsored by the Maine School Boards Association, the Maine School Management Association, the National School Boards Association and other recognized leaders in education. Board members are also encouraged to be active in leadership opportunities that may be available within regional, state and national associations.

Adequate funds shall]shall be budgeted annually to support Board member development, including participation at meetings, subscriptions to publications that address the concerns of Board members and memberships in school boards associations.

Upon Board approval and within budgetary limitations, reimbursement for travel and necessary expenses will be provided to individual members for activities related to Board development. The Board, on a case-by-case basis, will determine the number of Board members authorized to attend specific meetings, conferences, conventions or other events at the school unit’s expense, as warranted by budgetary limitations. Board members may use their own discretion regarding attendance at meetings, conferences, conventions or other events where reimbursement will not be provided by the school unit.

At a Board meeting subsequent to attendance at an educational event, members are encouraged to report briefly to the Board and to the public to share knowledge gained and thoughts on implications for local school governance. Board members are also encouraged to study and share with the Board and Superintendent materials of interest they have collected.


April 9, 2013