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The Board believes that standing committees can be useful to its decision-making process and in the transaction of Board business. The Board may establish such standing committees as it deems necessary to facilitate school unit governance and address ongoing school unit needs. A standing committee has only such authority as specified by the Board.

All standing committees shall be comprised of less than a majority of the Board.

All standing committee meetings are open to the public except as provided by the Freedom of Access Law and the Municipal Public Employees Labor Relations Law.

Establishment and Functions of Standing Committees

The following provisions apply to the establishment and functions of standing committees:

  1. All standing committees shall be established by vote of the Board. A motion to establish a standing committee shall state the purpose and responsibilities of the committee (the “charge”) and set the number of members comprising the committee.
  2. The Board Chair will appoint members to a standing committee from among the membership of the Board. For existing standing committees, appointments will be made at or as soon as practicable after the School Board’s annual organizational meeting.
  3. Except as authorized by law or Board action, a standing committee may research issues and make recommendations for Board action, but may not act for the Board.
  4. Each standing committee will elect its own chair.
  5. A standing committee may be abolished at any time by a vote of the Board.
  6. The Board Chair and Superintendent shall be ex officio (non-voting) members of all standing committees.
  7. The term of appointment to a standing committee shall be until the next organizational meeting.
  8. Any Board member may attend standing committee meetings, but only appointed members of the committee may vote.
  9. The number of members on a standing committee and/or the responsibilities of a standing committee may be modified at any time by a vote of the Board.

The Board may establish other standing committees it deems necessary in accordance with this policy.

  • 1 M.R.S.A. § 401 et seq.

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