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ApplicationSelection Process:

Goal:The Boardfollowing memberprocedure selectedshall bybe Marchused (forin everythe yearselection afterand 2007).participation of student representatives to the School Board.

  1. 1st step:Each Submission of a nomination sheet with 25 student signatures.
  2. 2nd step: All students who submit their sheet on time and with acceptable signatures must attend an informational meeting held byApril the superintendent,Principal memberswill notify sophomore students of the schoolprocess board,for Student School Board Representative selection through advisory or other appropriate means.
  3. Applicants will submit a brief essay expressing their reasons for applying and membersthe contribution they hope to make.
  4. All applications shall be reviewed by a selection committee composed of the studentPrincipal, council.the Superintendent, the School Board Chair and/or Vice Chair, one or both current Student Board members and a faculty member or members.
  5. 3rd step:The Thereselection committee may, in its discretion, choose to interview finalists before their decision is amade.
  6. school-wide
  7. The assemblyselection (minuscommittee seniors)may, in whichits currentdiscretion, SACchoose membersto conduct a question and answer session includingleave the candidates.
  8. position
  9. 4thvacant. step: After the assembly, there is a school-wide vote (minus seniors) to select the students to sit on the board for the next school year.


  1. School board student-students-elect are encouraged to attend school-boardSchool Board meetings and educate themselves on the purposerole of board members in the months after they are elected before the end of the school year.

  2. Responsibilities:

    1. Beginning at the start of the school year, a schoolSchool boardBoard studentStudent Representative will attend monthly business meetings,meetings and be invited to attend allother workshops and committee meetings. Any school board meetings willas takedesignated precedenceand over all other extra-curricular activities.applicable. 
    2. School boardBoard studentsstudent representatives are responsible for preparing any needed materials for all meetingsmeetings, and for responding to and sending the necessary emails. This could include formalized speeches, essays,presentations, research, or statements.
    3. School boardBoard studentsstudent mustrepresentatives attendare allresponsible for keeping the student advisory council meetingsupdated andas to give updates on what is going on within the schoolSchool boardBoard and what theythe haveSchool Board has recently accomplished.


    The rules of the substance abuse policy and academic eligibility apply. Student representatives will adhere to School Board rules for conduct and board policy and procedure.

    Impeachment Consequences:

    The rules of the substance abuse policy and academic eligibility apply.

    • 20-A MRSA ¶ 1001 (1A)

    Cross Reference:


    • April 10, 2007


    • March 12,8, 2013 for removal from policy manual2022

    Updated by District Leadership Team November 2014