Student Pathways Coordinator (5-12)

TITLE: Student Pathways Coordinator (5-12)


  1. Education/Certification: College degree or equivalent. Hold a valid State of Maine Criminal History Records Check Approval. Teaching certificate not required.
  2. Special Knowledge/Skills: Knowledge, understanding, and demonstrated aptitude or competence in the following skills: Organizational, communication, computer, public relations, facilitation, personnel management and negotiation, record-keeping, and problem-solving. Must demonstrate initiative and be self-motivated, having experience in volunteer coordination and being committed to volunteerism; Mentoring/coaching skills, understanding of Maine Learning Results, Guiding Principles, and performance-based assessments and reporting required. Ability to maintain positive relations with students, school staff and volunteers at all times is a necessity.
  3. Experience: Successful experience in leadership, managerial and human relations skills preferred. Teaching experience is a plus, but not required.

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent

JOB GOALS: Aims to address a School Board Strategic Plan goal of "Multiple Pathways and Definitions of Success: Our school will value, promote, and celebrate multiple pathways and definitions of success." This position will focus on achieving this goal through short-term and long-term benefits for all learners (5-12). This position will establish 5-12 first, then consider possibilities to expand opportunities to Pond Cove.


  1. Lead the creation of a Multiple Pathways Strategic Plan & oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan
    1. Guide stakeholder group in the creation of a strategic plan (goals, objectives, data, etc)
    2. Monitor program outcomes through data and impact on student performances
  2. Collaborate with school leadership, CEHS ELO Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and school counselor staff to address the needs identified in the Strategic Plan in the areas of curriculum, student opportunity, and professional development
    1. Hold regular meetings with school leadership and other key CESD staff
    2. Design and provide targeted professional development to support program initiatives
    3. Ensure Pathways activities are aligned to CESD curriculum (5-12) and MDOE standards
      1. Maine's Life and Career Ready Standards
  3. Oversee & pursue multiple pathways to expand student learning opportunities (5-12)
    1. ELO expansion and oversight (5-12)
      1. Provide support and guidance to the CEHS ELO Coordinator
      2. Seek ELO opportunities (5-8)
    2. Inter-school programming between all three CESD schools
    3. Expeditionary learning
    4. Project base learning
    5. Place-base learning (Greater Cape)
    6. CTE opportunities including PATHS/WRVC & others
    7. Internships
    8. Job shadow
    9. Work study
    10. Volunteering/Community Service
    11. Early college opportunities
    12. Apprenticeships
    13. Interest-based learning
    14. Independent studies
    15. Mentorships
    16. Digital/Virtual options
    17. Career talks
    18. Community programs
    19. Performing groups
    20. Other
  4. Build community partnerships
    1. Oversee & pursue collaborative partnerships with businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and organizations in Greater Portland
      1. Field experiences (traditional field trips, long-term collaboration at partner sites)
      2. In-school experiences (classroom programs, expert panels, school assemblies, etc.)
      3. CESD campus initiatives (outdoor learning programs on our campus)
      4. Career exploration (internships, job shadows, mentorships, apprenticeships, work studies, etc.)
      5. Streamline partner communication, share resources, and build programming between CESD schools for efficient and effective partnerships & experiences
    2. Create and chair a Greater Cape Business Roundtable
      1. Determine who should be at the table
      2. Collaborate with stakeholders to build relationships and provide opportunities for students & staff
  5. Guide staff PD around offering differentiated learning experiences in line with the Multiple Pathways Strategic Plan
    1. Support teachers in implementing Tier 1 Core Instruction that includes a variety of experiences that support struggling learners, grade level learners, and learners who are achieving above grade level
  6. Complete procedural, curriculum, and administrative tasks to ensure student safety and compliance
    1. Ensure relevant CESD policies and procedures are in places, updated as needed, and reviewed regularly
      1. Insurance
      2. Permission and medical forms
      3. Transportation
      4. MDOL/Fair Labor Standards Act
  7. Serve as a liaison with MDOE initiatives and professional organizations
    1. Perform any state reporting requirements (MDOE, MDOL)
    2. Ensure relevant CESD policies and procedures are in place, updated as needed, and reviewed regularly
    3. Participate in state-wide and regional collaboration, planning, and professional development
      1. Keep up to date on new legislation, funding opportunities, best practices, resources, collaborative efforts, etc.
      2. MDOE (Career and Technical Education, ELO Program)
      3. MDOL
      4. Maine Community Coordinators Collaborative
      5. JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates) state-wide and South Region ELO groups
      6. New Hampshire Extended Learning Opportunity Network
  8. Performs all other appropriate duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Two hundred (200) days, to allow for progress to be made beyond the typical school year. Salary and benefits will be determined by the Superintendent.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy and/or Board action on Evaluation of Professional Personnel. The Assistant Superintendent will evaluate the Student Pathways Coordinator's performance.

NOTE: The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

School Board Approved:  May 9, 2023

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