Director of Nutrition Services


Job Description 

TITLE: School Nutrition Director


  1. Education/Certification:
    1. Bachelor of Science Degree in food service management or nutrition. 
    2. Hold a valid State of Maine Dept of Education Criminal History Records Check Approval. 
    3. Hold a valid food service sanitation certificate. 
    4. Possess a valid Maine Driver’s License. 
    5. Registered Dietician preferred 
  2. Training and Experience: To qualify for this position, an individual must have a minimum of five years experience in food service management or possess any combination of experience and education that would ensure being able to meet and fulfill job requirements. The emphasis will be on a sustainable model that includes: menu planning, food procurement, staff training and supervision, and serving nutritious, tasty, and appealing from scratch meals in a commercial or institutional environment, preferably to include experience with USDA Child Nutrition Standards and accountability. The individual must demonstrate competency in literacy and possess specialized training in culinary skills. 
  3. Special Knowledge/Essential Skills: Quantifiable record of success in volume food service with a basis in sustainable practices. Computer skills including high level of proficiency in Word, Excel and Nutritional software programs. Knowledge, understanding and demonstrated aptitude or competence in the performance responsibilities listed below; good work habits; dependability and ability to work without direct supervision; ability to maintain positive relations with students, school and town personnel, supervisors and citizens at all times; knowledge of cleaning chemicals and use of Material Safety Data Sheets. Must be willing to participate in ongoing in-service training as requested. Must maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information as required by law. Demonstrated aptitude for, or competence in the areas listed under responsibilities. Such alternatives as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable. 
  4. Essential Job Duties: The following skills are essential to this position: 
    1. Direction, leadership, communication and personality 
    2. Knowledge (and ability to translate knowledge) of sustainable food preparation, recipes and menus; 
    3. Supervision and training; 
    4. Sustainable food and supplies procurement; 
    5. District-wide administration and financial management; 
    6. Facilities management and maintenance – including design and development of existing and future facilities; 
    7. g) Working knowledge of all national, state and town health, sanitation and safety policies, laws and guidelines as they relate to food service operations.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

SUPERVISES: Food Service Staff

JOB GOAL: To provide each student with food of high nutritional quality in an atmosphere of cleanliness, cheerfulness, and personal caring.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: School Nutrition Director’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following as requested and/or directed:

  1. Direction, Leadership, Communication and Personality
    1. Employ exemplary leadership and communication skills in order to maintain healthy morale, resolution of operational issues and strong working relationships with staff, administrators, teachers, students, vendors and farmers, as well as all of the other related stakeholders (Wellness Committee, parent/community organizations, etc.)
    2.  Uncompromising commitment to use of seasonal organic and/or sustainably produced products, to the greatest extent possible;
    3.  Ability to plan, coordinate, organize, delegate and supervise, day-to-day operations;
    4.  Ability to collect and manage assessment of students, staff and parents regarding meals and operation; 
    5.  Stay abreast of food and nutritional developments specific to youth; 
    6.  Develop and articulate our food services program goals and objectives, vision and operation; 
    7.  Represent the Program at events, through public speaking, publications and the press; and 
    8.  Enjoy working with children.
  2.  Knowledge (and ability to translate knowledge) of Sustainable Food Preparation, Recipes and Menus Oversee the planning of daily menus with food service managers that meet the following requirements, keeping in mind that all food served must be of the highest possible quality: 
    1.  Use seasonal, regional, organic and/or sustainably produced food products;  
    2. Ensure that recipes are strictly adhered to, and that foods served are of the highest nutritional quality and taste standards; 
    3.  Offer menu choices in compliance with current USDA guidelines; 
    4.  Evaluate and incorporate appropriate foods from USDA commodity program into weekly menu plan; 
    5.  Balance expensive dishes and ingredients with less expensive ones; 
    6.  Develop new recipes in compliance with current USDA guidelines; and 
    7.  Ensure that menus are enticing and list supplying farms and producers, as well as precise names of produce and ingredients.
  3. Supervision and Training 
    1.  Meet with food services management staff regularly to review operational challenges; 
    2.  Develop goals and objectives, defining responsibilities that can be supervised and evaluated; 
    3.  Develop and update all job descriptions annually, if needed; 
    4.  Facilitate and orchestrate individual school strategic planning; 
    5.  Employ and support practices that ensure Wellness policy goals and objectives are successfully achieved; 
    6.  Oversee all food service personnel in accordance with district policies, procedures and collective bargaining agreements; 
    7.  Conduct performance evaluations for all staff according to the approved schedule; 
    8.  Facilitate and orchestrate staff mandated and general training as required by law; and 
    9.  Work with union representatives and/or stewards to resolve any collective bargaining issues, as needed.
  4. Sustainable Food and Supplies Procurement
    1.  Oversee the implementation of the farm-to-school model by finding innovative ways to keep the school lunch program supplied with fresh, seasonal, organic, and/or sustainably grown produce and products, by building partnerships between the school district and local family farms or appropriate local suppliers in off season; 
    2.  Oversee the selection, ordering, and purchasing of food supplies, culinary equipment, and cleaning and laundry supplies that fit within a sustainable model; 
    3.  Develop innovative strategies to ensure the use of fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown ingredients from local farms when available; and 
    4.  Understand and articulate product stability issues.
  5. District-wide Administration and Financial Management Oversee the following departmental functions:
    1. • Maintenance of weekly/monthly shift schedules; 
    2.  Maintenance of product and supply inventories to insure cost management while evaluating food cost and ensuring that costs are in line; 
    3.  All fiscal and budgetary cost controls, to include monthly Profit and Loss reviews by cost center; 
    4.  Preparing and administering the departmental budget and overseeing daily bank deposits; 
    5.  Maintenance of accurate employee, sales, materials and food preparation records and preparing invoices for payment by Business Office; 
    6.  Insure all required reports are accurately maintained and delivered in a timely manner including all state and federal application and monthly reporting forms; 
    7.  Work with and manage a computerized food service accounting program; 
    8.  Interview, hire, discipline, and recommend termination of staff to the Superintendent; and 
    9.  Maintain interoffice, department, inter-department and community correspondence and communications.
  6. Facilities Management and Maintenance 
    1.  Oversee the establishment and adherence to sustainable practices, which will include an intensive recycling and composting program; 
    2.  Oversee and implement a system that teaches and employs safe and proper operating practices to ensure that all equipment is maintained in good repair and safe working order; and 
    3.  Oversee a system that ensures the timely repair of broken or unsafe equipment, and that hazardous conditions are rectified in a timely manner. 
  7.  Working knowledge of all national, state and town health, sanitation and safety policies, laws and guidelines 
    1.  Establish policies and procedures that ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, fish, and poultry, foods and supplies are stored and rotated to ensure maximum freshness and minimize waste; 
    2.  Establish continuing staff development to insure the practice of procedures necessary to safe and sanitary food handling; 
    3.  Establish an inspection system for the kitchen and dining areas for compliance with sanitary standards, care and maintenance of equipment, and observance of proper procedures; and 
    4. Establish a system that ensures that students practice safe food handling procedures.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve-month year. Salary and work year in accordance with recommendations established by the Superintendent of Schools and District Business Manager.


Physical Demands: ability to smell, taste and feel, in order to determine quality of raw and prepared food products, sitting, standing, stooping, reaching, grasping, manipulate large and small objects, climbing stairs, adjusting, connecting, lifting (to 30 lbs.), bending, keyboarding, pulling, pushing, carrying, writing, read small print, stand for long periods, walking, operating equipment, and work around loud noise. Mental Demands: working with frequent interruption while simultaneously supervising a variety of tasks, calculating, comparing, problem-solving, evaluating, interpreting, organizing, consulting, analyzing, planning, documenting, specifying, coordinating, implementing, and presenting. Environmental Conditions: inside, slippery surfaces, chemical exposure, biological exposure, working around moving objects, and working alone.

EVALUATION: The basis of the evaluation will be the extent to which the performance responsibilities of the job are successfully handled and the extent to which yearly action plans and job goals are met.

NOTE: The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principle functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

School Board Approved: November 14, 2006

Revised: June 9, 2009

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