1. Education/Certification: High School diploma or equivalent. Hold a valid State of Maine Criminal History Records Check Approval.

  2. Special Knowledge/Skills: 

Knowledge, understanding and demonstrated aptitude or competence in the performance responsibilities listed below: 

  1. Good work habits.

  2. Dependability and ability to work without supervision.

  3. Ability to maintain positive relations with students, school and town personnel, supervisors, and citizens at all times.

  4. Knowledge of chemicals, asbestos management, safety and Material Safety Data Sheets.

  5. Demonstrated aptitude or competence in the areas listed under responsibilities.

  6. A positive attitude is expected at all times.

  7. Employees are expected to be flexible and work as a team member.

  8. Such alternatives as the Administration may find appropriate and acceptable.

  9. Experience: Demonstrated aptitude or competence for successful fulfillment of assigned performance responsibilities.

REPORTS TO:  Head Custodian


To provide all students, and the community at large, with a safe, secure, clean, attractive, comfortable, and efficient environment in which to learn, play, and engage in personal growth and development.


Custodial responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following as requested and/or directed:

  1. Keeps building neat and clean at all times.

  2. Empties trash in classrooms, bathrooms, and all baskets daily.

  3. Vacuums/dry mops all floors and stairs daily.

  4. Washes classroom, hallways, bathroom floors daily, and stairs as needed.

  5. Cleans sinks and toilets in bathrooms daily and sinks in classrooms as needed.

  6. Cleans drinking fountains daily.

  7. Replenishes soap and paper in all dispensers as needed.

  8. Vacuums all classrooms thoroughly at least weekly.

  9. Cleans locker tops weekly.

  10. Removes fingerprints and marks from walls.

  11. Burnishes hallways.

  12. Scrubs, strips, waxes, and polishes floors using heavy powered scrubber and buffers as directed at least weekly.

  13. Cleans and dusts furniture, exhibit cases, pictures, door trim and whiteboards at least weekly.

  14. Washes glass in doors and windows.

  15. Replaces light bulbs as needed.

  16. Helps set up and clean up after activities in building.

  17. Assumes responsibility for the opening and/or closing of the building each day and for ensuring security of the building through inspection prior to leaving, checking to verify that all windows and doors are closed and locked.

  18. Reports any condition of the facilities that is not safe or functioning as designed to their supervisor.

  19. Moves furniture or equipment within the building as required or directed.

  20. Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Head Custodian or administrator.


Mental Demands: calculating, comparing, evaluating, interpreting, organizing, consulting, analyzing, planning, documenting, specifying, coordinating, implementing, presenting

Physical Demands: The physical demands listed here are representative of those that are required to successfully perform the essential functions of this job; adjusting, connecting, painting, lifting up to fifty pounds, pulling, climbing stairs, writing, operating equipment, and use of ladders and scaffolding

Environmental Conditions: outside, inside, slippery surfaces, microwaves, chemical exposure, biological exposure, working around moving objects or vehicles, working alone


Applicable terms of the Cape Elizabeth Education Association agreement.


The basis of the evaluation will be the extent to which the above performance responsibilities are successfully handled and the extent to which yearly action plans and job goals are met. The Head Custodian will perform the evaluation in consultation with the Director of Facilities.

The Cape Elizabeth School Department expects that all employees will perform assigned duties diligently, professionally, and efficiently and in compliance with all district policies and procedures as well as federal and state laws.


The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

School Board Approved:  June 12, 2007

Revised: November 3, 2009

October 9, 2012

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