CEMS Speech Team Coach

TITLE: CEMS Speech Team Coach


  1. Hold a valid State of Maine Criminal History Records Check Approval.

  2. The speech coach should have an in-depth understanding of quality public speaking skills in the following genres: Oratorical Declamation, Original Declamation, Poetry, Storytelling and Drama.

REPORTS TO: CEMS Administrator and the Triple C Middle School Speech and Debate Coordinator

SUPERVISES: The number of participants varies from 8 to 12 students. The coach is responsible for supervision of these students during weekly practices and monthly meets. Three meets will take place in other schools requiring the team to take a school bus.


By participating in the program, students gain valuable public speaking experience in settings other than our own school, for audiences beyond their teachers and classmates. Students gain valuable feedback through the competition process which informs practices. The speech coach is responsible for assisting students in utilizing feedback to refine public speaking skills. This is a highly individualized process.


The speech coach is responsible for providing appropriate feedback relating to public speaking skills, and planning practices which meet the needs of each speaker. The coach will need to communicate with the CEMS debate coach, students, and parents/guardians regularly to advertise for participants, determine practice times, and coordinate away meets as well as the “home” meet. Additionally, the speech coach will need to attend an annual Spring meeting with other coaches in the Triple C league.


Twelve months per year with compensation in accordance with the fee structure of the negotiated Cape Elizabeth Education Association agreement.


The basis of the evaluation will be the extent to which the performance responsibilities of the job are successfully handled and the extent to which yearly action plans and job goals are met. The building principal or assistant principal will perform the evaluation. 


The above job description reflects the general requirements necessary to describe the principal functions or responsibilities of the job identified and shall not be interpreted as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job, either at present or in the future.

Approved:  November 9, 2010


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