The Cape Elizabeth School Board recognizes that concussions and head injuries are commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sport and other recreational activities. The Board recognizes the seriousness of concussions, the emerging scientific and medical understanding of the academic and physical impacts of concussions, and the need for careful handling of the post-injury healing process.

Information to Parents and Students:

Annually, the Cape Elizabeth athletic department will distribute a head injury and concussion information sheet to all parents and guardians of student participants in all athletic activities. The parent/guardian and student must return a signed acknowledgement indication that they have reviewed and understand the information provided before the student participates in any athletic activity. Until this acknowledgement form is returned and on file with the athletic department, the student may not practice or compete.

Computerized Neuropsychological Testing:

Every student participating in any school sport shall be offered baseline computerized neuropsychological testing during preseason in grades 9 and 11, or in the case of students new to the school, early in their first preseason. The athletic department shall offer information to students and their parents/guardians about how this testing works, about its role in the identification and management of students with concussions, and about the Cape Elizabeth School Department protocol for the athletic and academic management of students with concussions under the guidance of physicians approved to interpret the neuropsychological testing results. As a condition for the administration of the baseline test, both the student and parents/guardians must consent, in writing, to the administration of the baseline test and the protocol for concussion management.

Training/or Coaches:

All coaches, including volunteers, will complete an appropriate training, arranged by the athletic department, provided by knowledgeable medical professionals, concerning the dangers and signs of concussions and on the management of the healing process. The training must be renewed at least every two years.

Students with Suspected Concussions:

A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in practice or game shall immediately be removed from play. It is recognized that athletes have a responsibility to honestly report symptoms and that coaches cannot be aware of every incident involving contact between athletes.

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