The Board recognizes that responsibility for the dress and appearance of students rests with individual students and their parent(s)/guardian(s). The Board will not interfere with this right unless the personal choices of students create a disruptive influence on the school program or affect the health or safety of others.

Students are encouraged to use sound judgement and reflect respect for themselves and others in dress and grooming. In keeping with the goals of the school unit to provide a safe, healthy and non-discriminatory environment for educating students for maximum academic and social development, the following restrictions on dress shall be enforced.

  1. Articles of clothing that promote the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs may not be worn on school grounds (when school is in session) or at school functions.
  2. Clothing, footwear, insignia or accessories that are intended to identify the wearer as a member of a particular gang are prohibited.
  3. Articles of clothing with displays that are sexual, vulgar, lewd or indecent or include insulting words (e.g., racial/ethnic slurs) are impermissible.
  4. Clothing that is destructive of school property (e.g., cleats, pants with metal inserts that scratch furniture) is not permitted.

School administrators or teachers may require special clothing for health and safety reasons for students participating in physical education, certain extracurricular activities, work with or around machines or other activities. However, no particular brand may be required.

These guidelines shall be published in student handbooks at each building the Superintendent is responsible for the development of any administrative procedures necessary to implement this policy.


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