The School Board recognizes the need to provide a program for students who are English learners in order to assure these students of equal educational opportunity.

To that end, the Superintendent shall be responsible for developing and implementing a "Lau Plan" to meet the needs of students who are English Language/Multilingual learners, including procedures for identification, assessment, programming, monitoring of progress, exit/reclassification, follow-up, and parent notification. A Language Assessment Committee shall be appointed to assist in the coordination, oversight and periodic review of the program.

The Lau Plan shall be approved by the Board before it is submitted to the Maine Department of Education.

At the beginning of each school year, Cape Elizabeth School Department will notify parents/guardians of students identified for or participating in programs for English language/Multilingual learners about the instructional program and parent rights, as required by law. Parents will be regularly informed of their child's progress. Whenever practicable, communications with parents will be in the language understood by the parents.

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