With the permission of the Superintendent, memorial scholarships created in the memory of an individual with a connection to the school may be created to be awarded at school activities. All offers of such scholarship opportunities will be submitted to the Superintendent with pertinent information concerning the purpose of the memorial scholarship, the criteria for its award, the connection between the person memorialized and the Cape Elizabeth schools, and the expected level of involvement of school officials and employees in collecting applications for, administering and identifying recipients of such scholarships. Displays in the school building(s) related to memorial scholarships will be limited to a plaque with the name of the scholarship and the names of the recipients.

Items may be accepted by the School Board in memory of an individual or event for installation and display outside of the school building. The Board will consider any maintenance costs to the district of such gifts. Items received become the property of the district and will be used for the purpose for which they were donated. In order to avoid unintentionally offending sensitivities, living memorials, such as planted trees, which are subject to natural decay and disease, will be strongly discouraged in favor of memorial benches and other forms of inanimate gifts.



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