The Board will provide transportation for all students living beyond a reasonable distance from their school or from a scheduled bus stop as the Board has determined. This distance is defined as one mile.

Distance shall be measured by the shortest public road from the residence to the bus stop or school door. In cases questioned, distance will be measured and established by the Superintendent.

Exceptions to the above distance shall be made for the following reasons only:

  1. Health
    Exceptions to established walking distances may be made for students with disabilities as required by their IEP or Individual Health Plan (504 Plan).
    Exceptions may also be made to accommodate a student's need for transportation with written documentation from the student's physician.


  2. Kindergarten Students

    Kindergarten bus service will include pick-up and delivery to the home, providing a suitable bus time is available.


  3. Hazardous Walking Conditions

    Hazardous walking conditions shall be defined as those which would place a child of a given age in a situation of greater than normal or average danger.

Authorized bus stops will be located so as to load and unload students with the most safety allowed by road conditions. The distance between stops may vary according to safety factors. If possible, students will be loaded and unloaded so that it is not necessary for them to cross a main highway to reach their homes.

Bus routes will be reviewed annually. Appeals for additional stops must be made in writing to the Transportation Administrator. The Superintendent and the Transportation Administrator will review appeals. The decision will be communicated in writing and will be final.

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