1. Policy Code DN establishes that “The Superintendent is authorized to determine, through procedures they develop, whether personal property such as supplies, books, materials, and equipment is obsolete or no longer of use to the school unit to declare it surplus personal property.” This procedure includes the following steps:
    1. Property identified by the technology or building administrator is reported to the Superintendent.
    2. The reason for disposition of school property must be provided by the technology or building administrator.
    3. The method used to value the property must be provided to the Superintendent.
    4. If the Superintendent is satisfied that the value of the property is under $2,000, then the property can be disposed of as donations to other non-profit organizations, or whatever agreed upon plan is determined.
  2. The agreed upon plan should be followed according to the above referenced policy code. All property valued over $2,000 will follow the process outlined in Policy Code: DN


Procedure Adopted:

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