I will abide by the following code of ethics during my term as a Cape Elizabeth School Board Member:

  1. I will abide by the laws of the United States, the State of Maine, the regulations of the Department of Education, and the Cape Elizabeth Town Charter.
  2. I will work to provide high quality public education for the children of Cape Elizabeth in accordance with the Mission and Vision Statement.
  3. I will consider the educational needs of children and how they will be affected in all my deliberations and decisions.
  4. I will treat fellow Board members, school staff, students, and citizens with respect.
  5. I recognize that the School Board’s responsibility is to set educational policy and not to manage the schools day-to-day. I will not undermine or usurp the authority of the Superintendent or school administrators.
  6. I recognize that I have no legal authority as an individual outside of School Board meetings and will conduct myself with sensitivity to that fact.
  7. I will encourage the input of school staff, students, and citizens on educational issues and will consider such input in my deliberations.
  8. I will refer any citizen complaints to the proper authority within the school department.
  9. I will endeavor to attend and be prepared for every School Board meeting. If personal circumstances prevent me from attending regularly, I will consider resigning my position.
  10. I will not make promises about how I will vote on matters before the Board, and will vote based on the available facts and my own judgment.
  11. I understand that I have an obligation to vote on all matters before the Board unless I have a direct conflict of interest on a particular issue.
  12. I will support all Board decisions, regardless of my vote.
  13. I will not discuss confidential information outside of School Board meetings.
  14. I will not use my School Board position for personal gain.








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