C. General School Administration


A primary function of the School Board is to select a Superintendent of Schools. To select a Superintendent, a majority vote of all members of the Board shall be required. The Superintendent may be appointed to a contract of up to five years in accordance with the laws of the state of Maine.

The Superintendent shall be executive officer of the Board. In addition, under Maine statutes the Superintendent shall serve as secretary ex officio to the Board. The Superintendent shall be expected to attend all Board meetings and have the right to speak on all subjects, but shall have no vote.

The Superintendent shall administer and supervise the public educational system of the town. The Superintendent shall have discretionary authority to act upon all emergency matters and those as to which their power and duties are not specifically set forth or limited.

The Superintendent shall devote their entire working time to the duties of the position. The Superintendent may, without violation of the provisions of this section, perform educational functions outside the town with the approval of the Commissioner of Education and the Board.

20-A MRSA §§ 1001, 1053

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The Board's primary purposes in evaluating the Superintendent are to provide strong leadership and management for the school unit; to strengthen the working relationship and communication between the Board and Superintendent; and to assist the Board in judging the effectiveness of the Superintendent's performance.


  1. The Board will evaluate the Superintendent on a schedule determined by the Board. Evaluation should be at a regularly scheduled time and place.

  2. The evaluation criteria and schedule will be made available to the Superintendent in advance of the evaluation process. The Superintendent shall also conduct a self-evaluation in advance of the formal evaluation by the Board.

  3. Board members will be asked to submit individual written evaluations to the Board Chair.

  4. The Board Chair will draft an evaluation that will include a summary of all individual evaluations submitted.

    NOTE: At its discretion, the Board may meet in executive session to review the evaluation form prior to meeting with the Superintendent.

  5. The Board will meet with the Superintendent in one executive session to review the evaluation, including relevant issues that may not be specifically included on the evaluation form. The Superintendent will be provided with a copy of the written evaluation.

    The Superintendent will be given the opportunity to provide feedback to the Board regarding the Superintendent’s evaluation, job responsibilities, and working relationship with the Board.

    Specific matters related to the terms of the Superintendent's contract may be discussed at this meeting or a subsequent meeting.

  6. The Board will use the Superintendent's evaluation and the Board's priorities/goals to establish performance goals for the Superintendent. The next evaluation will include the Board's assessment of the Superintendent's progress toward these performance goals.





The Superintendent is authorized to act in the best interest of the District in the absence of School Board policy or guidance. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to inform the Board promptly of such action and of the possible need for policy or administrative procedure.